Can you eat celery during intermittent fasting?

FAQ #1: Can you eat celery during intermittent fasting?

Can you eat celery during intermittent fasting?

One of the many common questions among intermittent fasting beginners is whether or not celery is allowed during the fasting period.

“Will it break the fast? Inhibit fat burning hormones? Lessen the beneficial effects of anti-inflammation? Etc. etc.”

These are all questions I asked myself too when I began IF. 

And the answer? 

Well… it all depends on your goals. So to help you make the appropriate choice, here are two points to keep in mind:

FAQ #1:Can you eat celery during intermittent fasting?

First, what kind of fasting protocol are you following? 

There are different variations out there such as the “16:8” wherein any form of food is not allowed, or less strict ones like the “Warrior Diet” that permits small amounts of snacks during the fasting period, hence celery may be allowed (if you want to know more about the Warrior Diet, check out our other article)

If the protocol disallows any form of food, then it’s better to stick to it to avoid breaking the rules, and thus maximize the benefits of whatever the fasting variation wants you to obtain. If food is allowed, then that brings us to the second point:

What is your goal? Is it to lose weight? Achieve better health? Decrease inflammation? Or both?

If it’s primarily to lose weight, then very low-calorie snacks like celery are fine since these won’t have a major impact on calorie deficit (remember, calories are the number 1 factor for successful weight loss). If it’s for anti-inflammatory goals or achieve better health, then you’ll most likely do yourself a favor as well since celery contains anti-inflammatory and other medicinal properties.

So, can you eat celery during intermittent fasting?

Well, it will strongly depend on your goals and protocols. 

One, does the fasting variation allow a small amount of food? If yes, then enjoy your green stick, if no, then better stick to the rules. Are you planning to lose weight and stay healthy? Then go ahead, take a dose of nature’s anti-inflammatory food.

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