Stop frustrating over your weight.

Our diet program can provide you a better solution.

What we offer?

A healthy, practical, and time efficient dietary plan for weight loss .

What Makes Us Unique

Customizable Recipes

Master our main high protein recipes with very simple ingredients, and have the freedom to customize each one with your personal spices and flavors without altering calorie content.

Time and Labor Efficient

Have more free time to relax! It will only take 10-15 minutes to prepare lunch and breakfast and 45 minutes to cook dinner. This makes a total of 1 hour of meal cooking each day!

Burn More - Sweat Less

No expensive gym memberships nor tedious workouts needed. Just aim for a certain number of steps a day -- that's all the exercise we require. Simple, easy, and practical!

Access Personal Support

For any question or clarification, drop a post in our forum or send us an email. We love helping people lose weight, and we'll do anything we can to help you achieve that.

About the HPS Diet Program

The HPS Diet is a 7-day cycle weight loss plan designed to bring results using the most efficient and safest method possible. It solely relies on healthy food ingredients that stimulate hunger satiating hormones, providing a sensation of fullness despite being on a diet. The program also offers a unique way of physical activity, which unlike other programs, does not require exhaustive workouts or tedious hours at the gym.

Author's Highlight

I created the program due to my realization that a lot of diet plans include too many small meals in a day, often accompanied by labor extensive preparations and prolonged hours at the gym. However, the HPS diet is quite the opposite. It's composed of fewer but heavier meals and less physical activity, making the process of weight loss more efficient and practical, especially for the busy, average Joe.
Adam Tan, M.D.
The HPS DIet Program Creator

All It Takes Is A Structuralized Program Optimized For Practical Living

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