Dieting doesn’t have to be hard, it only takes a carefully designed plan to make it easy, practical, and effective.

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It’s frustrating isn’t it?


Your tight clothes, waistline, and body weight…


Struggling with weight management for months is an unbearable feeling. It makes you insecure, unhappy, and sometimes — borderline miserable.


Well… luckily for you, those days of unhappiness are finally over.


I’m going to offer you an effective solution that all successful dieters have used to achieve their goals. A tried and tested method to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight with minimal effort but maximum results.


But before I reveal it, allow me a minute to explain what makes this strategy so effective.

And by the way…


My name is Adam and I’m a Physician who has a passion for science. The method I’m going to teach you is based on scientific principles that all effective dietary programs hinge on. So carefully read what I’m about to say,  it’s going to change everything you thought about weight loss.

When people want to lose weight, they often think about 3 things: eating less, exercise more, and some special supplement that stimulates fat loss.


When these are combined — weight loss is said to happen, and everyone is happy and fit…


…or so we thought.


In reality, that’s not how it works. People often regain their lost weight and end up with a dysfunctional metabolism prone to weight gain as soon as the diet is over.


Why does that happen?


For two main reasons: one, very poor meal planning; and two, excessive physical activity.


Two Main Reasons Why Most 

Diets Will Fail You:

Poor Meal Planning

Sad, boring, and tasteless meals eaten 5-6 times a day that only bring hunger pangs.

Excessive Physical Activity

Exhaustive workouts that only bring bodyache and decreased energy levels the following day.

The thing is, most diets out there take a great deal of time to prepare, with meals that are either plain, boring, or sad (ever imagined eating dry chicken breast and broccoli for lunch multiple times a week?), eaten 5-6 times a day.


Moreover, common exercise programs need countless hours to accomplish at the gym, that, unless you have all the time in the world, it will take lots of precious time and effort to accomplish.


So when you combine all those factors together — you’ll get a 99.2% chance of going back to square one with more extra weight, bigger waistline, and loads of frustration than when the diet started.


So what’s the solution?


It’s simple.


Follow an approach that elite dieters have used to reach their goals — a scientifically designed strategy that yields the best results with minimal effort and no side effects.

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Your Best Solution:

Follow A Scientifically Calibrated Meal Plan

Healthy, delicious, satiating food eaten at the right quantity to enhance weight loss.

Time Efficient Physical Activity Personalized To Your Lifestyle

Just the right amount of exercise to boost fat loss but keep you energized every day.

How do you achieve that?

The HPS Diet Program has all you need.

What is the HPS Diet Program?

The HPS Diet is a 7-day cycle weight loss plan designed to bring results using the most efficient and safest method possible. It solely relies on healthy food ingredients that stimulate hunger satiating hormones, providing a sensation of fullness despite being on a diet. The program also offers a unique way of physical activity, which unlike any other, does not require exhaustive workouts or tedious hours at the gym.

Its goals are simple: look and feel better without sacrificing time with family, friends, or work.

Sound’s too good to be true?

Well, look at what people have to say:

The HPS Diet by Adam L. Tan is indeed a healthy and practical working guide to weight loss! I have been experimenting with different diet plans since a few months and this book has really come as a blessing all of a sudden.
The ingredients mentioned are locally available and easy to fetch. The instructions, given in the lucid language in a broken down format makes the book all the more approachable and engaging.
I will recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a sustainable, practical and healthy diet plan to lose a few pounds.

Abantika Bose
Writer and Long Time Dieter
I love the fact that it’s very simple and easy. First of all, you don’t starve yourself when you are on the diet. In fact, you get to eat 3 meals per day, which is pretty much the standard. Another really great thing about this diet is that you get to eat essential nutrients in your meals. I personally loved the inclusion of proteins in the meals. Having struggled with my weight for years, I have tried different diets and I have found out that if I don’t eat protein, I actually feel hungry throughout the day so, for me, protein is the trick.
I also really appreciated how there are different meal plans for people of different weights. That way, a person chooses a meal set that matches their weight as the calorie intake is already calculated according to weight. I really think that’s genius.

Vicky Zim
Writer and SEO Expert

What makes this diet so different?


Unlike popular diets, this program will allow you to spend less time thinking about diet and exercise, and more time to focus on daily chores, family, and work. Its meals are simple, delicious, healthy, and quick to prepare. And the exercises are light, equipment-free, and enjoyable. In essence, it’s designed for people like you — the average Joe and Jane.

Average Diet vs The HPS Diet

Average Diet

  • The hassle of 5-6 meals/day
  • Sad and boring meals every single day
  • Time consuming preparations that eat up precious time
  • Exhaustive workouts, leaving you tired and in pain the next day
  • 2 cheat meals a week, limiting choices of favorite foods
  • Rebound weight gain that brings you back to square one as soon as the diet is over

The HPS Diet

  • The convenience of 3 meals/day
  • Delicious, healthy, and satiating meals
  • Very quick preparations, giving you more time for daily activities
  • Time efficient, light physical activity to keep you energized every day
  • 4 cheat meals a week to enjoy food with family and friends
  • No rebound weight gain to help you maintain a healthy weight for as long as you want

How much will it cost to get to your ideal weight?


On average, a personal trainer/nutritionist with a personalized program will cost between 600$ to 1,200$ for 12-24 sessions, and that’s excluding gym memberships!


Now of course, that wouldn’t be a problem if money isn’t a big deal, but if you’re on a tight budget, it can really put a hole in your wallet!




Luckily for you this program isn’t as expensive as 1,200$…


For a price 10 times cheaper than 1,200$, you’ll get to download your program at $99.99 $9.99 one-time payment, with a free membership to our little forum where you’ll receive unlimited advice and tips at no additional cost!


And if you’re not satisfied with the program, we’ll give you a complete refund right away!


How is that for a deal?


Rate Comparison

Average Diet Rate

  • Personal Trainer/Nutritionist Consultations per session = 50-100$
  • Average Session for Entire Program: 12-24 session

Total of

600$-1,200$ for the entire program, non-refundable.

The HPS Diet Rate

  • Unlimited consultation/advice thru our forum or email
  • Average program: at least 6-8 weeks or for as long as you want

Total of

$99.99 $9.99 only, completely refundable! 

So in essence, here’s everything you’ll get:

  • A scientifically designed diet plan that provides calculated meals optimized for fat loss
  • Nutritionally packed and delicious recipes to avoid hunger problems common among dieters
  • The freedom of 4 cheat meals a week so you can still have a social life with family and friends without jeopardizing your diet
  • Healthy, sustainable weight loss without the risk of rebound weight gain after a few months
  • Unlimited consultations at no additional charge to guide you throughout the diet
  • Free access to our forum for valuable information and tips about diet, health, and nutrition
  • And lastly, the freedom of having less time thinking about diet and exercise

All of that for $99.99 $9.99 only, with a 30-day money-back policy.

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But wait! Don’t let this chance slip!


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So come and join the forum, it’s time to lose weight and finally get to look good on your clothes!


See you in our forum soon,


Adam L. Tan, MD, BSB



I’ll personally guide you all the way until you’re satisfied with the results. So don’t hesitate to join our program, I’ll be there to answer any of your questions right away.

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The HPS Diet Program

99.99$ 9.99$

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this program get shipped to me?

No. The program is a PDF file downloadable directly to your phone/desktop.

How long does the program last?

The program revolves around a 7 day cycle, however, it’s recommended to adhere to it for at least 4 weeks to ensure appropriate results.

How much weight will I be able to lose?

On average, you can lose up to 1-2 pounds a week. So if you follow the program for at least 4 weeks, you can lose up to 4-8 pounds in a month.

Does the program have cheat meals?

Yes, up to 4 cheat meals weekly. However, these are in no way a free ticket to binge eating.

How is it possible to lose weight while exercising less?

Scientifically speaking, exercise only plays a minor role in weight loss. Therefore, this diet focuses on carefully planned meals to induce the highest rate of healthy weight loss possible.

Is the program for men and women?

Yes, physiological principles of weight loss do not change with gender. Hence, this program suitable for men and women.

Does the program offer a refund?

Yes, absolutely. We provide a 30-day money back guarantee for anyone who isn’t satisfied with his/her results.

Can I view the program on an iPad?

Yes, they program can be viewed on an iPad by using a PDF viewer.

Will this program take a lot of time each week?

Absolutely not. Breakfast and lunch can be made within 5-10 minutes, while dinner will take between 20-40 minutes depending on the recipe.

Do I need any special equipment?

No. The physical activity prescribed will only require your body weight.

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